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Meanwhile, sexualisation tends to about be about the perceived desires of an audience. Take Bayonetta, for example: she is definitely sexualised, but at the same time owns her sexuality.It’s very much part of who she is, she is in control and that’s sexy as hell.”TV host, writer and producer Liana Kerzner adds: “I’d love devs to start rethinking what it means to be a sexy woman.

Sexy transcends gender, age and sexual orientation.Tougher new difficulty modes are coming to Dead Rising 4 [official site] next week, Capcom have announced.Low difficulty undercutting purpose and tension was one of Adam’s big complaints in his review of the open-world zombiekiller — but not his only complaint — so this sounds a promising addition.The 2017 Halloween costumes makes Dhalsim a mummy, M. Bison a demon, Urien look like Gill, Birdie a butcher, and F.

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