Chinese cultural differences dating site

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Read more Students explore 150 years of connections between Australians and people of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

They examine attitudes that led to the bringing of Pacific Islander labourers to Australia, their treatment and current contributions to Australian society and economy Read more Students identify key elements of the genre of poster art and demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between historical and cultural periods and the artworks studied.

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Read more Students examine the positive and negative effects of tourism in Australia and Bhutan using a case study and statistics to examine social, environmental and economic changes.They develop a positive sense of self and recognise commonalities and differences with others, cultivating respect.They examine contributions people make to community and consider their own actions.They recognise that individuals need to have secure and long-term access to the resources required to satisfy their basic needs, be they economic, social, cultural, civil or political.Australia's Aid Human rights There are many international statements promoting the importance of cultural diversity, languages and multilingualism.

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