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After losing his job as a tow truck driver and discovering that his wife Lauren (Jennifer Carpenter) has been cheating on him, Bradley Thomas (Vaughn) decides to wipe the slate clean and start over.

He forgives Lauren, they aim to start a family, and Bradley will support them by working as a drug runner.

The film relishes every bloody moment to the point that it makes the violence in Zahler’s previous film, may not be the movie you expect, but it’s still a surprisingly rich and powerful film despite its grindhouse soul.

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He doesn’t bargain, he doesn’t plead, and he doesn’t outwit.

He picks a direction and then pummels anyone who gets in his way.

His situation goes from bad to worse when Lauren is kidnapped by the kingpin and Bradley’s told he has to find a way to the Redleaf Maximum Security Prison and assassinate an inmate to pay off his debt or the fetus will be amputated upon by an abortionist (seriously).

The story then becomes an inverse prison break story with Bradley trying to get himself thrown into Redleaf and get the inmate in Cell Block 99.

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