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Most peer specialists have experienced this at one time in their lives.Yet they have been able to move through and beyond that hopelessness to believe they can act on their own behalf to create the life that they want.There is nothing more empowering to a person who has given up.

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It will remain in effect for five (5) years and is reviewed as required by the Mental Health America (MHA) Public Policy Committee.

MHA calls on states and communities to incorporate peer support into community-based mental health and substance use treatment services. The sobering experience of high rates of chronic disability and dependency associated with schizophrenia in high-income countries, despite access to costly biomedical treatment, suggest that something essential to resilience and recovery is missing in the social fabric.”[2] One such essential factor is peer support, which the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has identified as a vital component in recovery.[3] Since the mid-20 century, individuals who have psychiatric diagnoses have been creating effective and cost-efficient services that provide that missing factor.[4] Peer-run services are based on the principle that individuals who have shared similar experiences can help themselves and each other.

Peer mental health and substance abuse support services make use of empathy and empowerment to help support and inspire recovery. MHA believes that a peer-led vision of recovery needs to be the aim of all, even those most profoundly troubled, for whom friendship and belonging to a community in recovery can work wonders.

Peer support services present six advantages over traditional mental health and substance abuse services: The peer specialist’s compassion and commitment comes out of a deep sense of gratitude.

There is something different about caring for another person because you see yourself in that person. Their pain, loneliness, and despair was once your pain, loneliness and despair.

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