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‘I work incredibly hard at being good at my job and looking after my children, those are my priorities.’ Emma insists she and her former husband are now on good terms, saying: ‘Of course when he is in a race I will be cheering him on.’She says she ‘loves fashion’, adding: ‘Unfortunately, I don’t get a clothing allowance from Channel 4, so weeks like Royal Ascot can be incredibly expensive.I always have at least eight outfits with me and last year I was running into the Royal Enclosure when I was stopped by an official who said my dress was too short.Being banned from the Royal Enclosure would be just too embarrassing!’For all Emma’s upbeat attitude, she is clearly feeling the strain of being a single mother.‘No, I have never discussed what happened with her,’ she says softly. I’m not a confrontational person and I don’t see the point in holding a grudge.’ ‘It’s all too easy for people to tune into racing and assume that I am the token blonde, that I’m some kind of bimbo.But I’ve been brought up in this world, my parents were successful trainers and I know a lot about this business.A huge error of judgment cost me all the things I wanted from a young age.

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I’m a very private person and not someone who wants to air their personal difficulties in front of the camera.Now the three players in this sad drama are to be thrown back together at Royal Ascot, with Jamie and Hayley riding in the hope of a place in the Winners’ Enclosure and Emma waiting by the side of the track to interview whomever triumphs.It has the potential to be rather awkward, particularly given Emma’s unguarded comments.So it was understandably distressing when, in the bitter aftermath of the affair in 2010, she was asked to interview Miss Turner live on air after a 40-1 win; a request that would strike many as insensitive if not downright astonishing.It was some time before Emma conquered this understandable reluctance, but she has since interviewed Hayley on camera and now says: ‘Post-race interviews are part of my job with Channel 4 and that is what I had to keep uppermost in my mind – personal feelings had to be put aside.’Emma, 36, admits: ‘It’s true.

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