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When a guy is capable of cheating on one girl, he’s capable of doing it again.Obviously he’s able to put himself in a mindset where his significant other doesn’t matter. Guys nowadays tend to take their cheating habits online.When a guy becomes disconnected from you and the relationship, there’s definitely something wrong.He is drawing away from you for some reason and may be doing so because he wants out because there is someone else on the side.It happened often and sometimes spontaneously, but now it’s the complete opposite.If a guy is cheating on you, it’s likely that he’s either no longer interested in you, or is getting his fix from someone else.

If there is one telltale sign that a guy is cheating on you, this it is.When he has a text or phone call, he avoids letting you hear or see anything on it, and now his phone randomly has a password attached to it.No matter if he’s cheated on you or an ex-girlfriend from the past, that cliche phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater” still applies.Work has become overly busy randomly or he now has all sorts of other things to do instead of spending time with you. Naturally, when you catch someone lying to you, you lose some trust in them, even if you try your hardest to practice forgiveness. If you notice a trend with your guy lying to you about certain things, he may be hiding something bigger than you think.For months now, the sex life between you two has been amazing.

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