Leo woman dating older leo man

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Therefore, we can conclude by saying that it can be good, or can end in bitterness!

It all depends on the understanding of the scorpion and the lion!

Secondly, when the Scorpio man loves, he loves with all intensity and is very emotional deep inside.

In contrast, the Leo woman appears flirtatious and craves for adventure.

Therefore, a Scorpio man in love with a Leo woman may find an equal partner.

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To make matters worse, the Scorpio man also unknowingly makes the Leo woman jealous by his attitude and mannerisms.Knowing Scorpio and Leo traits is essential before taking a look at the compatibility between the two.The Scorpio is one of the most (or rather, only) mystical sign of the zodiac.Secondly, both, the Leo woman and the Scorpio man wish to love and be loved back (with the same intensity) in return.This wish is definitely fulfilled if they are together.

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