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'A terrible pit it was, and I could not resist my curiosity to go and see it.

There, as in a place far from the haunts of men, had been dug, twenty years before, when the great plague was raging, a pit into which the dead carts had nightly shot corpses by scores.

Specifically, the lease for Cross Bones passed to the churchwardens of St Saviour's parish in 1665 during the height of the Great Plague.

Contrary to popular legend, the name 'Blackheath' is in no way related to the Black Death!

At the south end of the depot lie two tunnels; one leads to Elephant and Castle whilst the other is a dead end and acts as a runaway lane for trains that are unable to stop.

Behind the walls of the this tunnel lies a plague pit.'The upper end of Hand Alley in Bishopsgate Street was then a green field, and was taken in particularly for Bishopgate parish, though many of the carts out of the City also brought their dead thither also...'As its name suggests, Pitfield Street in Hoxton was once the home to a large plague pit dating from 1665 - 1666.

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