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They appeared to communicate vital information before the authorities and the relief agencies were aware of the scope of the problem.

There may be reasons to criticize FEMA and others for a slow response.

(It would seem particularly unlikely that profits would rise when the destruction centered on a major oil-producing and refining area.) But it does seem clear that the cable news media do profit from disaster.

The first Gulf War put CNN on the map and established it as a force to be reckoned with. No one profits more from this terrible tragedy--or any other tragedy (e.g., an abduction of a girl in Aruba)--than Fox.

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(If you gave gasoline away, a secondary market might well arise in which people who received it sold the gasoline to people who valued it more.) Also, implicit in the analysis is the idea that price increases in a needed commodity are "bad." In a post about Hurricane Charley, I wrote: What happens when we decide that price increases are "immoral"? So fewer people end up with ice, generators, gas, or food.

This is a huge loss for part-time workers.: Under Wisconsin FMLA you are eligible for coverage if your employer employs 50 or more people.

Under Federal FMLA the employer has to have 50 employees within a 75 mile radius.

4) Long-run prices are determined more by supply decisions of Saudi Arabia and OPEC (and demand shocks from emerging Asian economies) than by strategies of "big oil companies." These arguments notwithstanding, media figures have been berating "big oil companies" for their selfishness.

Fox's Bill O'Reilly has been particularly comical in this regard.

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