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) Here’s what he had to say about the piece: “I made this pic on a program called Tux Paint; I’m not sure if it will come through, so let me know if you get it. I’m also planning on doing a similar one for Rusty. Anyway, it’s called “Wrath of the Iron-Cow.” Thanks again, Evan! Here’s a little something to show my love for Iron Cow (just give it a second, there’s a short message at the end) I had planned something much more elaborate, but between preparing for a Vacation Bible School and getting things together for my annual fan-boy trip to Heroes Con, I just didn’t have time.” Hey, it looks great to me, Christopher! More recently, my good buddy Steve presented me with the Batman Rogues Gallery artwork.

French musician DJ Moule recently used (unauthorized) Iron-Cow Prod. After contacting him, though, we worked out an arrangement to let him use the work while crediting me as well. Again, this came completely unexpected, and I still can’t stop staring at the piece!

However Thomas and I did put the castle together, as he liked the look of the big box it came in and says it looks pretty cool if you like that sort of thing. I’m busy looking for a purple piece, but it’s really blue. So you need the box handy to keep looking back at the photo and finding what colour the piece should really be. Some pieces don’t slot together as easy as they should do, and need a jiggle about and good shove. Theres lots of nooks and crannies with things to do.

I spent ages trying to get the sea shell thing on the lift, but it does go eventually. Theres a slide, three carousel type things including one disguised as a very friendly octopus.

I want to give this to you as a gift for all the advice and good conversation you’ve given me.

Since it’s December, we’ll just call it an X-mas thing too.”This took me *completely* by surprise and totally made my day. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet on the toy boards is Tommy, aka therewasme.

There was this thread on RTM’s Toybuzz where I posted as Ferrous-Bovine (a variation of Iron-Cow).

He and I started talking back in the spring of 2003, I think, and he’s quickly grown to someone I’d consider a friend.

As a thank you present, he sent me his custom built original Iron-Cow action figure as a holiday present.

I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package to find ol’ I-C immortalized in plastic.

I’d been trying to make one myself off and on for a few years, but Tommy nailed it.

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