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Peer Guardian 2 will always be free, but donations are still appreciated and will help me figure out what to spend my time on. If you're a programmer and would like to contribute a patch, please email me.Peer Guardian 2 is Open Source and distributed under a zlib/libpng license.Once Transmission is running, navigate to the Preferences area. You’ll see the blocklist information, turned off by default, at the top of this tab.To enable the use of a blocklist, make sure the Enable Blocklist checkbox is ticked.To see a full list of all the blocklists available, go to and click the Lists link.There are dozens of links available, but the one that was previously used by Transmission, the Level 1 list from Bluetack, is on this list. list=bt_level1 Now, type or paste the above link into the blocklist entry field in Transmission and click the Update button.In past versions of Transmission, this was enough; you only needed to update the blocklist, and you were done.Now, however, since the built-in list has been removed, you need to find your own list.

No matter what you download, there always exists the possibility that someone will send you junk data.

Transmission will download the list, parse it, and convert it into a file it understands.

If and when the process is complete, you’ll see this window: Last, you’ll want to make sure the Enable Automatic Updates option is checked, so as new IP addresses are added to the list, you’ll be kept up-to-date. Using a blocklist doesn’t really guarantee anything.

In fact, until recently, the process was as simple as clicking a checkbox to enable the feature.

But with the last couple versions, the Transmission developers have removed the built-in blocklist.

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